January 22, 2016

Camp La Llanada collaborates with Fe y Alegría Venezuela

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For 22 years, Camp La Lllanada has been collaborating with Fe y Alegría Venezuela to offer an unforgettable week-long camp experience, “Temporada Social” for low-income children and youth in the country.

In December 2015, 218 youth gathered in Acarigua, Venezuela, participating in activities that involved team building, overcoming challenges, learning from nature, and building values that will surely guide them on their path toward adulthood and encourage them to become active participants in their society.

Camp Lllanada was originally founded in order to offer youth living in the United States the opportunity to rediscover their own culture or learn more about different cultures. La Lllanada is currently organizing summer camp experiences in Spanish for more than 600 Latino youth at their Florida site while at the same time working to build their presence in Texas. If you would like to learn more about their programs, visit their website (www.camplallanada.com) and their Facebook page.

Photo: Camp La Llanada