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Friends of Fe y Alegría in the United States

Friends of Fe y Alegría in the United States is an initiative promoted by the International Federation of Fe y Alegría and Magis Americas to raise awareness and engage support for Fe y Alegría’s work in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Three Pillars for a Better Future


All of us can help strengthen education in Latin America and the Caribbean with transparent donations to sustainable solutions.


Education is the most powerful tool to break the fateful cycle of poverty, inequality and exclusion.


We are committed to collaborating with organizations that share our vision and commitment to protecting quality and inclusive education.

La Silla Roja Campaign

La Silla Roja campaign was founded to defend the right to education of the 264 million children and youth around the world who are still unable to attend school.

The red chair represents the importance of quality, inclusive education, which seeks to attend to the needs of each person and take into account their right to be different.

La Silla Roja was started in 2012 as an advocacy and mobilization campaign by our partners at Entreculturas – Fe y Alegría Spain and actions have since expanded to Chad, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Malta, Uruguay, Chile, among other countries.

Become a part of the movement! The right to education is a key aspect of the United Nations Sustainable Development agenda, and we invite you defend this right by joining us in the struggle for “inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Learn more here.