Care for our Common Home, the Earth, is a responsibility we all share.


Ecology: Let's Care for our Common Home

We believe that care for our Common Home, the Earth, is more vital than ever. Alongside partners such as Jesuit Pan-Amazon Service, we are committed to promoting reconciliation and ecological justice, particularly in places such as the Amazon rainforest. We are also invested in creating awareness on the responsibility we each share in adopting ecologically friendly habits.


What does deforestation in the Amazon mean?

Deforestation in the Amazon, though it may take place thousands of miles away, is a global issue. The Amazon rainforest is vital to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing millions of tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Without it, we will have less air to breathe. We each share a responsibility to reflect and to ensure that we are adopting eco-friendly habits within our communities.

What are we doing about it?

Magis Americas has partnered with Jesuit Pan-Amazon Service since 2019, working together to highlight and promote the work being done by various actors in the Amazon region to protect the rights of indigenous peoples and communities, integrate ecological practices into education and accompany communities and local churches in their pastoral and community development needs.