Education is the most powerful tool to break the fateful cycle of poverty, inequality and exclusion.


Education: A Powerful Tool for Social Change

We believe in education as a powerful tool for social change. Alongside partners such as Fe y Alegría and Centro Ignacio Ellacuría, we are committed to promoting access to quality and inclusive education opportunities for people living in marginalized and impoverished communities, or as Fe y Alegría founder Fr. José María Vélaz would say, “where the asphalt ends”.

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What does a lack of education mean?

This lack of education only serves to perpetuate poverty, it marginalizes people, and deprives them of opportunities to live with dignity and to recognize their full potential. Where the right to education is guaranteed, people have greater access to enjoy other rights. Quality, inclusive education is the best foundation to improving people’s lives and ensuring sustainable human development.

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What are we doing about it?

Magis Americas has partnered with Fe y Alegría since 2005, working together to highlight the importance of quality and inclusive education, to demand that this right be fulfilled and for all stakeholders involved to follow through on their political commitments with the right to education. We speak from experience – a combined 70+ years of dedication to promoting quality, inclusive education for those living at the margins.