Developing partnerships helps us expand our reach.
We are always looking to build relationships with organizations that share our vision and commitment to transparency.


Developing Partnerships

Support from institutions enables us to promote quality, inclusive educational programs that help to fight poverty and exclusion, and create more sustainable livelihoods for our beneficiaries.

We seek to partner with organizations committed to making the right to education a reality for the most marginalized and who believe in the power of education and social development to transform society.

The most helpful grants are those that are unrestricted, allowing us to use funds where they are needed most.

We also work to establish strategic alliances with universities, research centers, think tanks, and international agencies in order to expand the impact of Fe y Alegría’s model and further benefit the students and schools that form part of the Fe y Alegria network.  We are always excited to share our work with others, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Partners


UNESCO: Vocational Training in Latin America

A study on the vocational training programs that Fe y Alegria offers, taking into account three dimensions: the organization and official curriculum, the context, and the development of best practices promoted by Fe y Alegria.

World Bank Case Study

This publication is devoted to an assessment of the performance and selected aspects of the management and pedagogical practices of Fe y Alegría schools.


Inter-American Development Bank Award

In 2009, Fe y Alegría won the first Juscelino Kubitscheck Award from the Inter-American Development Bank, the largest offered by a multilateral institution in Latin America and the Caribbean for its contribution in the social, cultural and scientific fields.

For more information, please contact Nate Radomski at
[email protected] or call +1 (301) 246-2034.